Criminalisation Of Kerala

The present decade of kerala may later be called the decade of crime. Never before had kerala witnessed so much of crime including attack against our culture, temples, spiritual institutions and spiritual leaders. Even a superficial glance at today?s crime scene in kerala reveals a stunning, haunting conclusion. Violent crime, murder, rape, robbery, burglary, home invasion, bank robbery, contract killing, and sex trade are on the increase. There is also evidence of organized Muslim crime syndicates smuggling women from kerala to the Middle East to work as sex slaves. Everyday there are new stories of gang-related crime, the proliferation of illegal weapons in Malappuram District and jihadis dealing with explosives and bombs. Once considered an isolated phenomenon, gang violence is permeating life in Kerala. Kidnapping, Contract murder, attempt to commit murder, abduction, violent crimes affecting public safety, riots, destruction of property, daylight burglary, and thefts are increasing at an alarming rate. And political killing, and religiously inspired beheading are spreading. Citizens are tormented by rampant corruption and criminalization of life in Kerala. The pre-planned cold-blooded unusual brutality by the hard-core Marxist goons against Hindu social service volunteers is going on. What is more frightening is that the present government has been providing protective shield to the criminals committing heinous acts. Organized crime syndicates, corrupt politicians and inefficient law enforcement officials are working together making life miserable for law-abiding citizens


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