Politics of Change

I am not only fascinated by politics, but by the politics of change, if there is one unchanging motif that runs through the common history of man, it is that everything changes, except change itself. How we change, and its process tells us more about who we are as nations and individuals and it is that fearful but persistent change that tells us not only who we are, but who we were and perhaps who we might be. I know many have distaste to all things political, because of the common association with corruption and scandal which pervades the political society. It is true that politics unfortunately is inhabited by desperate men and women who abuse the power entrusted to them, and many of them, not all of them are circus elephants.

But does that mean one should despair with and ignore politics?

It does surprise me that when I talk to people who are by their own right apathetic towards politics, they consider it to be some new age phenomenon, or when I speak with devout religious persons who consider that politics as it is today was not apparent in the days of the Moses, Mohammed or Guru Nanak. When people ask me why I am so interested in politics, I recall my first lesson in Government and Politics when I was 16, my lecturer Mr. McSweeny, broke politics down to "who gets what says who". Who gets what says who in society and on this planet should be a concern of every man or woman who has a life to lead and a family to feed.

To ignore politics is to test that old French proverb " if you do not do politics, politics will certainly do you". As Aristotle observed, one of the many penalties of refusing to engage in politics is to allow yourself to be ruled be inferior individuals than yourself.

That is why I always pay close attention to the politics of today, simple labels immersed in complex situations always require the closest attention, lest one be girded in the whirlwind of propaganda, where the myths are legion and the truth of the matter very hard to find. Myths are found in conflicts regional or religious, the global market system, which hitherto stands victorious operates under a pretext of myth or confidence, but of course we must be free to interpret the language we hear and the actions we see, but we must always arm ourselves with how and why although rarely are these two propositions ever satisfied in the hearts of men.

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HISTORY of Utter Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is one of the ancient cradles of Indian culture. It is the rainbow land where the multi-hued Indian culture has blossomed from times immemorial. Blessed with a variety of geographical and cultural diversities, Uttar Pradesh has been the area of activity for historical and modern heroes alike.Blessed by Ganges and Yamuna, the two revered rivers of Indian mythology, Uttar Pradesh is bound by Bihar in the east, Madhya Pradesh in the south, Rajasthan, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh and Haryana in the west and Nepal together with Uttaranchal, bifurcated from UP in 2000, in the north.

It is the fourth largest State in India
forms a major area of the Northern fertile plain or the Indo-Gangetic plain. This area is said to have been occupied by the group of people referred to as "Dasas" by the Aryans. Their main occupation of these inhabitants was agriculture. Till BC 2000 the Aryans had not settled in this region. It was through conquest that the Aryans occupied this area and laid the foundations of a Hindu civilization. The regions of Uttar Pradesh was said to have been the ancient Panchala country. The great war of the Mahabharata between the Kauravas and Pandavas was said to have been fought here. Besides the Kurus and Panchalas the Vatsas, the Kosis, Hosalas, Videhas etc formed the early region of Uttar Pradesh. These areas were called Madhyadesa. It was during the Aryan inhabitation that the epics of Mahabharata, Ramayana, the Brahamanas and Puranas were written. During the reign of Ashoka, works for public welfare was taken up. Having rich resources there was active trade within and outside the country. The rule of the Magadha empire brought Buddhism and Jainism into this region. This period witnessed administrative and economic advancement.

The Kushanas exercised their power over this region till 320AD. The territory passed into the hands of the Guptas during whose rule, the Huns invaded this region. After the decline of the Guptas, the Maukharis of Kannauj gained power. During the rule of Harshavardhana, Kannauj was an important city. After his rule political chaso set it. It was amidst this confusion that the Muslims invaded into Utter Pradesh though the society was dominated by the Rajputs, jats and other local chiefs. In 1016AD Mahmud of Ghazni laid his eyes on the wealth of Kannauj. He was followed by Mohammad Ghori. Throughout the rule of the Delhi Sultanate and the Mughals, the territory progressed. After the Mughals the Jats, the Rohillas, and the Marathas established their rule. By 1803 the British controlled this region and annexed it by 1856. It was in the Uttar Pradesh (The period between 1857-58) that the first struggle for liberation from the British yoke was unleashed. The revolt was suppressed and from then till independence it remained under British dominance. In 1950 the state was organised and named as Uttar Pradesh.

History of foot fetish

Having a foot fetish can also be referred to as foot fetishism, foot partialism, foot worship, or podophilia. It is manifested by an acute sexual preference for feet. Moreover, although it is probably the most widespread shape of sexual preference for an otherwise non-sexual object or body part, not even those who practice it are aware of its roots and the signs it has left behind throughout history. Its roots run deeper than one would think, as this fetisch hides a fascinating background.

The side of this preference that is less known to the general public is its apparent growth in relation with the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. It goes back as far as the 16th century (there are various drawings that prove it), and although this is only a hypothesis, it appears that in the writings of the time, foot fetishism became more popular during the syphilis epidemics which took place in the 16th and 19th century, in Europe. Looking at things on a smaller scale (a survey on a period of only 3 decades), it seems that the relatively recent AIDS epidemic also lead to an immense increase in the interest for the foot fetish.

The growing numbers of those sharing this foot fetish has led to the appearance of “foot girls”. They are foot models who act in movies created especially for those with a passion for feet. Such pictures usually contain plenty of focusing on the object of attraction, but a general image of the model is also usually included.

The presence of socks or shoes is optional and widely varied. In addition, the girl might be alone or together with someone else foot worshipping her. More pornographic are those flicks that include trampling, smothering or foot jobs.

Experts have studied in detail the frequency of this fetisch. One study, for example, was carried out by looking at almost four hundred discussion groups over the Internet. It was based generally on how many forums are dedicated to each variation in particular, how many people took part in the discussions and how many messages were sent. Feet, toes and everything associated with them were definitely top of the preference list. It also seemed to come out first among fetisch-related search terms.

Women, as well as men, are likely to share a foot fetish. In fact, it is rather common for women situated in the 20-40 age range simply to adore having their feet caressed (or even licked) during foreplay or during the sexual act as such. Non-sexual objects may carry an amount of appeal greater than you might imagine. As we have said it, you might not even be aware of it, but if you check your preferences, you might “come across” predilections you have kept concealed.

Still sound like a good idea?

"Let’s go back in history. It is possible that if there had been no free speech for [Karl Marx] and the [Communist] Party in Germany during the early 1920s – if their meetings and marches had been stopped – they may not have grown in strength and influence. Denying them an opportunity to propagandise, gain respectability and enter the political mainstream might have thwarted their rise to power. This may have prevented the [Communists] from assuming the government of [Russia]. Without [Lenin] in power, the [Ukranian Genocide] and World War Two may not have happened. Tens of millions of lives may have been saved if the free speech of [Communists] had been suppressed early on.

This is, of course, historical speculation. We don’t know for sure. But it is plausible that “no platform” for [Communists] in the 1920s could have prevented the horrors the [Communists] later perpetrated. On these grounds, I would argue that it would have been justified to deny the [Communist] Party freedom of speech."

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