Politics, Politicians And People

When we hear the word politician, words that come to our mind are corruption, crimes, liars and many more. We Indians do not agree on most of the topics but if you ask the above question to anyone, the answer would be synonymous. So who is to blame for creating such a persona about politicians? Well, in all probability the one responsible the most are politicians themselves.

The country is made up off people, including politicians. Whenever there is a scandal showing a politician taking bribes, the whole nation jumps on the ship blaming politicians. That is one of the few occasions you can see people of India united. But in everyday life, normal people are taking bribes for doing smallest of jobs. So if the people of the country are doing it, then it just gives green signal to the politicians as well. I'm not saying politicians do not hold any responsibility, but that, if we have to blame someone, first we have to take a look at ourselves.

Politics in India is run like a family system. When the head of the family dies, the next in line takes his or her position. The same goes for our political system, in that when a party leader resigns, the immediate person to look for will be his relative. Instead of having the thought of elections, they have a thought of bringing the relative of the outgoing leader. In this age where even a child has a mobile phone in his hand, people want the country should run as it did during the old ages (mughal rule etc- where the son would take over the chair after his father). Another important issue is that poverty in India has somewhat taken a back seat while it has been rising all the time, just like our population. Also India has a literacy rate of only 60% where as countries like Cuba, France, Netherlands etc have literacy rate of 90% or higher. We have the resources to do it, but the inner voice is missing.

All in all the system has to change if we want India to move further. I remember reading an article written by the former president of India, Mr. A.P.J. Kalam. In that article he said that our government should be aiming at a new India by 2020. According to me it will take more than just a few statements or words of encouragement for the government to start thinking about the country rather than themselves. Also by 2020, global warming would have taken a tremendous turn towards damaging the world, we would be fighting for our lives by then. Well here a question comes to my mind, which is more lethal, global warming or our government? At that time also the government of India would only be worried about how they will hang on to their chairs or posts.

A saying goes that a country is fare reflection of its government and people. Well going by that, India would not look like an ideal place to be. Yes there has been improvement as we are growing at an average rate of 8-9% GDP. But at the same time rate of corruption and level of greed is also growing at a tremendously high rate. So it's like everything is balancing itself.

Indian government also has few good men in its cadre. They are all trying very hard to do something for their country, make it a self-sufficient nation. But they are not allowed to do any progress by other officials running the system. The recently ongoing nuke deal between India and USA has been the talk for the politicians. Some are interested, some are not also for sure there will be some who don't give a horse's ass about it. Whenever talk about moving forward comes, everyone is like "hell yeah, we will make India the best place both economically and educationally". But when the time comes to move forward, then all of them just want to stay were they are.
This sort of attitude does not take the country anywhere except backwards. It will be an arduous task to get India to the top but when we believe only then we can reach the top.

I'm pretty sure that if anyone from the past, who fought for our freedom, see the India of today they would again kill themselves. They fought for freedom and thought that India to come will be full of promises, but in turn it has been full of jokes. It just feels sad to see the state of our country, India. Though I myself have not done anything in my whole life for India and criticize our country at every opportunity I get but I stand for those who have been doing something for our country without any selfish motive involved. I m not a true Indian, I can say it loudly (not proudly) because only those can call themselves true Indians if they have ever done anything for their country.

We the people of India have become inure to this situation and are ourselves reluctant to do anything about it. We have to stand up and speak for ourselves because the time has come when situations like corruption, racism, rich-poor inequality, poverty or illiteracy can be eradicated from our country we call India. If we change then the politics and politicians will definitely change.

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Popular Tourist Spot

Benidorm is located on the East coast of Spain along the shores of the Mediterranean and is sheltered on the three sides of worst time by the sierra mountains of Helada on the east, Fixed It of Tussal Of on the west and Aitana of north. The southernmost side of Benidorm has two or three compartments which make sure that the swimmers and the bathers of the sun have a sure environment with a quiet sea almost all around the year. Majorque is largest among the islands of Balearics in Spain. It has to offer the traveller without counting much more that the sun, the sangria and the beach. There is abundance of in Benidorm of hoteles and of Majorque of hoteles to choose to adapt to each budget.

Benidorm is at a distance of approximately forty minutes of the airport of Alicante and would be the most popular destination of holidays of Spain while its temperatures vary from 12 degrees during the winter with 28 degrees during the summer. There is abundance of the activities that even in Benidorm of hoteles organize for those which as exciting holidays which include the water ski, kayaking, the ski of jet, to sail with the snorkel and the diving with the air. There are boats for the hiring as well or you can join a forwarding of fishing. There is abundance of in Benidorm of hoteles to choose according to the EC what a little the activity would be to you rather nearest.

Majorque would be a good destination if one seeks an escape from the regular resources. There is abundance of into rural Majorque of hoteles some of them providing you housing of luxury all approvals which the smart and modern traveller would seek. The other in Majorque of hoteles are ideal for the people who want to learn more about the farms and the life on them.

For those which like fresh water, they can arrange for in Majorque of hoteles of Aqualandia where you have the rapids, water falls, zigzags, lakes, cascades, the Olympic swimming pool in Foietes foltre the complex without counting that the school of swimming of Vega of jump. If you want outward journey-kart, outward journey horsemanship, tennis of play, golf, billiards, bowling or outward journey trekking, to make bicycle of quadruple or other adventurous forwardings, of the complex of sports of Foietes then take care you to choose in Majorque of hoteles in its proximity.

If they are not activities in Benidrom which you are afterwards, then you can just slacken and the sun bathe on one of the beaches of Benidorm.

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It is amazing finally have all the action and excitement of a game put the game available for play on your personal computer. If you're one of those who travel a lot or spend a lot of time on your computer, this game you should get a hold of. The graphics are excellent, largely a thing of the best I've seen so far in a game for the PC.

Capcom has really done this time with his street fighter IV had the perfect balance of old and new. This new game has a list of 25 people including many of the old favorites such as Ryu and Chun Li, but includes some very impressive new assistants, including crimson viper and Rufus classified wonderful. The combat in this game is amazing, with the devastating attacks that can be performed by each of the beginner to expert. There is a training mode you can try out the movements in, however most people I know enjoy discovering new moves just by pushing buttons in different combination to see what is available.

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Although it is a classic, new version is supreme on the old. The music brings dimension and depth to the game. With the old school tunes with new filtering issues that it all goes smooth and sweet together.

History of Blogging

Blogging, what is it? You’ve heard talk about blogging but are one of those people who don’t quite understand what it is. That’s alright, as we’ll go over what a blog is, the history of blogs, what they are used for and why they are important to your online business.

A blog is essentially like a journal where people can post their thoughts and have them read and commented on by anyone.

A blogger is someone who creates a blog and posts on it.
Weblogs, simply known as blogs now, haven’t been around for that long. The roots of the blog can be traced back to 1994 when people kept online journals (diaries) in which they wrote about things in their life.

Our current blog has been around for an even shorter period of time. In 1998, Open Diary created a site in which its users could post blogs that had the ability to be commented on by other people.

The popular free blogging site called Blogger was created in 1999 by Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan. Blogger was later purchased by Google in 2003.

Genius Brain Training

It is high time you start enjoying to the fullest all that life has got to offer you even as you exploit the possibilities available to you by developing your brain in the way and manner it should be done.

While it is desirable to determine the health of your brain, it is equally advisable that you take steps to train, exercise and develop it to its full potentials like that of a genius.

Up ahead, it must be mentioned that majority of people living only DRIFT throughout life having been persuaded and finally yielding over to the personal conviction (however faulted that might prove) they are not good enough for the kind of life that is their hearts' desires.

One thing that is noteworthy in all of this lies in the fact that they have only succeeded in underestimating their intellectual abilities and the true potentials of their brain. Are you among this number too seeing they are in the majority and abound greatly in every place and wherever you find people?

Parts of the benefits you stand to gain and enjoy with a healthy brain include:
1. Increased alertness and awareness.
2. Clearer and quicker thinking.
3. Improved memory for names, numbers, directions, places and locations, etc.
4. Better concentration at work, school or play.
5. Improved creativity and problem solving skills.
6. Improved mental stamina and coordination.
7. Improved confidence.
8. Improved lifestyle (which is the ultimate and best of all).

Being judge, can you truly and as a matter of fact say that all the above mentioned benefits are daily experiences with you? Do you take decisive steps to ensure that you harness the full potentials of your brain with each day that passes and every available opportunity that presents itself to you?

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Impact Of Online Game

Online Gaming is a popular form of entertainment and some people have the perception that they are useful in relieving stress and they are sufficient to give you better refreshment.

Today’s online gaming makes you become a very important part of the game you are playing. They offer you to explore your Ideas make a new target and become the number one winner of game.Online Games are one of the most discussion points between kids. There are many type of online games are available on web like shooting and racing that keep the game interesting till the completion of them.

Free online war and racing games provides us many features life single or multiplayer facility. Some of game requires several members. You can download free games if you are alone then there is another important facility provided by game owners that you can invite several members online to play with you. Shooting war games and fantasy war games are all quintessential components of the online war games and the ones that are free.

There are some education and puzzle games available on web some of them are useful to learn the cooking, dressing, and they are also used in collages and schools. Cooking and Dress Up Games are most widely used by girls to learn cooking.

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As an Offshore web design, development and consulting company with offices in UK, US, Australia, Eicra Soft Ltd have a client base across the globe. eicrasoft.com can give your company, a professional online presence which you would require to serve your customers. Our offshore web design experts will layout your company 's message and information in a professional, clean look at affordable price from India. Whether you need to start from scratch with a brand new site, or you just need a makeover for your existing web site, we are glad to help.

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What Is Good Money?

So many people today want to know how to make good money. But what is good money? Good money to one person may be chump change to another. Therefore, a very important thing is deciding what is good money to you.

For the sake of this article let us say good money is enough money to pay your rent and mortgage, buy food, pay for your transportation and utilities including your phone, buy some clothes, have some pocket money and some extra money to save. You essentially want to be able to pay all of your monthly living expenses, have some entertainment and be able to sock away a bit for the future or hard times.

This certainly is not an unreasonable demand for a reasonable person. If you are willing to devote at least 8 hours a day laboring at something, at least it should support you. But the reality is that for many people this is not the reality. It more incomes just to barely make the bills and this is not luxury living.

How did we all get into this mess in the first place? Who designed this scenario for us? Some people say the Federal Reserve which is not really a government organization but an organization made to look like it belongs to government. They say that this organization is owned and run by a handful of wealthy families who concocted this grand scheme to enslave the whole world and to ensure that they stayed wealthy.

If you have any consumer loans or a mortgage you may have felt the effects of how greedy lenders can make our lives sheer misery. Today I looked at one of my credit card statements only to discover that the due date was a moving target.

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Maria V. Marcotte has created a new personal blog to express her opinions, ideas, news and more. Maria V. Marcotte’s blog was mainly created to be an informative website with lots of fun content for all types of readers. Maria V. Marcotte has many interests and information to share with the world. Maria V. Marcotte realized that a wordpress blog is the easiest way to express ideas and information online. There are a lot of personal websites like Maria V. Marcotte’s online. There are blogs of all types and many of them are individuals websites that they create just for fun. This is another reason Maria V. Marcotte has launched this website, for fun!

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While there are so many wholesale women's clothing distributors across the country, it is amazing to see that only a few have made it and are frequently mentioned in many different places on the internet. There are newsfeeds, article syndication sites, social bookmarking, RSS and all other things, there are so few names that made it to the list.

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Have you seen a wholesale clothing distributor that offers up to 80% savings below wholesale price and available to the public? If not, read on…

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Their humble beginning starts at the store in S Los Angeles St in 2006 where it used to be one tiny little room with 2 owners and 1 staff. A few months later, they began gaining walk-in customers who were amazed by the selection and style BigDeal4U.com has to offer. The walk-in customers have become their loyal customers to date and their name spreads like fire in the fashion district of Los Angeles area. The tiny little store has now had bigger square footage brick and mortar store, huge warehouse and an online presence to broaden their reach of targeted market no longer limited within the bounds of California area. With the presence of BigDeal4U.com, their online store, who have just recently re-launched after massive revamp for a more user friendly and seamless navigation experience for the users, have now thousands of customers across the country and worldwide. To date, they have at least 2 owners and about 5 staff merely after 2 years since inception and considered to be one of the most competitive wholesale clothing distributors around.

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The Savings - Their standard price on clothing wholesale ranges from 50% - 80% below wholesale price.

And on their clearance items section with limited stock and style goes up to 95% OFF wholesale price. We are not talking below retail price. Yes, it is below wholesale price. BigDeal4U.com offers wholesale clothing at below wholesale prices available to the PUBLIC with no standard reseller required.

BigDeal4U.com is subsidiary of 1FashionClothing.com who carries over 2000 variety of wholesale clothing, wholesale women's clothing and wholesale apparel with unbeatable closeout wholesale prices. For more information, please call 800-388-8249 or visit the web at http://www.bigdeal4u.com.

By: Claire Schaper

Best Approach in Finding Respectable Distributor of Wholesale Clothing

When planning to set- up a thriving clothing business, one essential way to go would be purchasing wholesale clothing from a respected company that ensures quality, trendy, and cost savings. Nowadays, many wholesale companies are in the market place and you can get a list of niche directories directly from cyberspace. Nevertheless, if you don't desire to fall for anything but superior quality wholesale distributors with the unsurpassed practicable cost, New York and the fashion district of Los Angeles are the easiest spots to go. Of course this goes for only when if you are in located in the states of New York and California. But if you get access to these places, walk around the streets of the fashion district jam-packed with women's wholesale clothing and apparel providing off-price and liquidated items both branded and non-branded names to choose from. If not, scour the wholesale clothing search engine and directories on the net and get yourself a list of shops based along the fashion district. These shops for the most part have online storefronts thus customers from anywhere here and abroad can easily find them. There are selected places where you can surf thousands of wholesale dresses, jeans, pants, active wear, work wear, t-shirts, tops, wholesale plus size clothing, accessories such as handbags, fashion jewelries, scarf, belts, sunglasses anything you can think, most likely you will get to find. The juicy part is you can buy items based on the budget you can afford and you have in mind.

Apart from women's wholesale clothing and apparel, these stores likewise sells niche fashion apparel. There are those that carry only name brands like shelf pulls and off-price Juicy Couture, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Kenneth Cole, Nine West, Guess and a whole lot more. There are those too that sells no tag wholesale apparel that supplies directly to big importers and when there's overstock that these big chain stores in the country failed to buy, you can then buy it from wholesale women's clothing liquidators for prices next to nothing and put your own brand on the brand name tags. You can target just about any age group doing this business. If you wish to cater to men's only, you can do it. Children's clothing is another niche you want to give a try. Then there's juniors who also is one of the biggest market as they tend to be the trend setters and last but not least, women's and wholesale plus size clothing. Among the best selling items for wholesale women's clothing and apparel includes fashion accessories, costume jewelry, halters, t-shirts, shorts, capris, bermuda, jackets, dresses, tops, jeans, night gowns, skirts, sportswear, sweaters, pajamas, lingerie, work wears and a whole lot more.

Each season, clothing wholesale distributors bring hot stylish selection to their stock, bringing new trends, colors and cut depending on the season. But whatever niche you have in mind, there's definitely wholesale clothing supplier you can find around. Now, if you're thinking about convenience, just shop online in your work clothes in your office or in your pajamas while drinking some hot coffee in the convenience of your home. Oh, did I mention about FREE shipping? These days when sales are extremely slow, most businesses thrown in lots of add-ons if you purchase a descent amount of items. Wholesale apparel distributors however offers free shipping if you at least buy $200 to $300 worth of items just as long as you're within the continental U.S. and special shipping rates to Hawaii, Alaska, US territories, Canada and overseas customers. Now, it even gets better if you sign-up for the mailing list after you made your purchase. You can get your hands on with their newest inventory with special prices not offered on their site plus clearance item special pricing only for those in their most preferred customers. Lastly, don't go for women's wholesale clothing wholesaler if the price is less than 40% under wholesale. Why? Because there are those that sells from 40% - 80% OFF and if you get lucky up to 95% OFF on clearance rack.

There you have it. Be clever. Smart retailers get the big bucks. Be one!

BigDeal4U.com is subsidiary of 1FashionClothing.com carries over 2000 variety of wholesale clothing, wholesale women's clothing and wholesale apparel with unbeatable closeout prices up to 80% OFF. For more information, please call 800-388-8249 or visit the web at http://www.bigdeal4u.com.

By: Claire Schaper

Wholesale Clothing for Plus Size Women, A Profitable Niche

The most popular items wholesale clothing companies carry are apparel that are sizes 0-8 or XS - M. Most specifically if consumer is Forever21 junkie or Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe and similar brand names where style and cut are meant for skinny and medium sized consumers. Now, that's a problem for those who wants the same fashionable style but wears 10 and above. They too can look good in those cut, colors and style if made for their specific size. But where to get them at a reasonable price? In most cases, almost every department store sells them but more expensive than averaged boutique or online retailer.

Clothing retailers who wants to engage in selling plus size clothing can find wide selection of wholesale plus size from BigDeal4U.com. Their website of over 2000 items of wholesale clothing to choose from has a page intended for wholesale plus size from t-shirts, dresses, top, jeans, skirts, pants, sports wears, jackets and more. This section is mainly for women. The company priced their inventory so competitive to make it more profitable to every retailer. A price of a wholesale clothing for plus size ranges from $5.00 - $7.50 a piece on tops where retailers can resell it for double or three times the price yet still competitive that those from leading clothing chain stores. For BigDeal4U.com helping the retailers survive the economic crisis by pricing at up to 80% below wholesale helps their business to stay in the business too.

As wholesale plus size demand increases so does the money both the retailer and BigDeal4U.com makes. If there's one thing this company has learned, is every niche, there is money to be made. This is not just about making money, this is also about helping plus size women look fashionable and trendy, just like average sized women their height and age to looking sexy and attractive.

Shop wholesale clothing from reputable wholesale womens clothing company BigDeal4U.com. Find best selection of wholesale tops, jeans, dresses, accessories, t-shirts, plus size and more at all year closeout prices.

BigDeal4U.com is subsidiary of 1FashionClothing.com carries over 2000 variety of wholesale clothing and wholesale women's clothing with unbeatable closeout wholesale prices. For more information, please call 800-388-8249 or visit the web at http://www.bigdeal4u.com.

by: FashionGalore

SEO 101: Common SEO Questions By Beginners

Learning SEO can be an extremely tedious task when you are trying to gather your own information throughout the web. Among a large amount of SEO enthusiasts are a set of most commonly asked questions. These questions are usually in regards to building links, optimizing keyword content, selecting keywords and other topics of that sort.

Even if you are an experienced SEO user, you should freshen up on old knowledge by occasionally reading about SEO tactics which you are already experienced in. This will keep your knowledge fresh and help to improve your current skills in SEO.

Reading as much as possible about SEO is an extremely important factor in determining how successful your SEO skills can become. The more information that is constantly soaked into your brain, the more creatively you will begin to be able to think about new ways to improve your SEO. With increased knowledge, comes increased awareness, and when you are aware of what needs to be done in order to be successful, then you can continue getting those important things taken care of.

Kaung at KMK Blog has written an article titled “Common Beginners’ SEO Questions”, covering a couple of the most commonly asked questions by SEO enthusiasts of all levels. That post has come up with as much important information for each subject as possible and answering these questions in very detail: How do I locate the best keywords to use for my site? And What Anchor Text Should I use to build links?. The best way of determining the effectiveness of an SEO strategy is to try and test it yourself. However, knowing which strategies have had the most success can keep you ahead of your competitors in the marketplace. So try to learn of tried and proven strategies that you can use for your own marketing and SEO, and you will have a better chance at successful search engine rankings. Check the “Common Beginners’ SEO Questions” at Kaung’s blog for further information.

If you wish to read few other related articles on SEO, it is recommended that you also check out “Boost Rankings Using SEO Articles”. More related posts can be found via searching in the “Webmaster Articles Category”; information on

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Last but not least, Happy 2009!

Designing a USP for Your Business

Your brand image is primarily an emotional construct. Emotion is probably always more powerful in swaying people than reason, but people like to be able to rationalise their choices. This is where awareness of another advertising theory - the USP - can be helpful to you.

The USP, or unique selling proposition, formula was developed by Rosser Reeves, an ex-copywriter who became head of the Ted Bates agency in New York. He wrote an excellent book, largely dealing with this theory but also covering other aspects of advertising, called Reality in Advertising.

To establish your USP, you compare your product or service with your competitors. Then you determine one feature you have which no one else can offer. This is your unique selling proposition. It is this which you must promote singlemindedly.

A 1987 issue of Marketing Week, the British trade paper, gave a wonderful example of how little the average marketing executive understands the phrases he deploys with such gay inconsequence. The subject was 'Store credit cards'. A bank executive said: The whole point of a Marks & Spencer, Boots, Dixons or even Fortnum & Mason card is to bring people into the store - and to provide a bit of a LISP' (my italics).

How a credit card can be a unique selling proposition when the same facility is offered by any number of retailers is difficult to comprehend. It reminds one of people who refer to things as being 'rather' unique, or 'fairly' unique. Here are some typical USPs:
'Cleans your breath while it cleans your teeth.'

Colgate toothpaste. 'The too good to hurry mint.' Murraymints. 'There's more for your life at Sears.' Sears Roebuck. 'It ain't fancy but it's good.' Horn & Hardarts. 'The mint with the hole.' Polo Mints. 'It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken.' Perdue Chicken

And, finally, another gentleman in the chicken business: 'It's finger lickin' good.' Colonel Sanders

One of the problems with the USP is that you sometimes have to rely upon some pretty trivial points of difference to arrive at your proposition - as you can see from the list above. And although, for simple products a good USP may often supply a successful selling idea, I think it is difficult to arrive at one for complex services such as American Express or The Consumers Association.

However, comparing yourself against your competition to discover what USP may exist is a great aid to clear thinking. For example, I was able to improve results for Odhams' Kathie Webber Cookery Club by writing a headline which was simply a personal way of expressing a USP: `My cookery cards mean you control your weight without giving up luscious food you love to eat.' This did well in the UK, and even in France, home of gastronomy. Moreover, subsequent approaches to selling this product revolved around this original thought. ====

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